Positive Change

Today is the day for some positive change!
I am going to my life bit by bit rearrange,
First step is to cut out morning energy drink,
Green tea is better in the long-term I think…

Next step is to cut down a bit on the wine,
By switching to low-alcohol ones over time,
First glass can be a “real” one, but glass number two,
From now on a First Cape one – it’s better for you.

Plus I’ll pick up on the swimming again,
Without it I feel all tense, unused muscle pain,
Endorphins from exercise cure many ills,
And gets you to sleep without the aid of pills…

And I’ll cut down too on all the nicotine,
It’s just an e-cigarette, but you know what I mean,
No reason the nicotine fluid must be super high,
I’ll give the reduced versions instead now a try…

And I’ll carry on with this interim mum-in-law ban,
On the wishes of both my dad and my man,
It won’t be forever, but for some time still yet,
Already I’m walking with a lighter step…

I’ll try to keep in touch with tentative new friends,
A good old girlie chat always helps me no end!
Research some London social clubs that might be on hand,
Or classes like salsa I could attend with husband…

Try the breathing exercises counsellor said to use,
Am highly sceptical, but have nothing to lose,
And with all of the above, I hope I will find,
The way to a healthier, happier state of mind…

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2 thoughts on “Positive Change

  1. Diane Fiore says:

    Love this! Sounds like a perfect plan.

  2. Sounds like a greatt plan! Exercise (weight and running) features majorly in my coping plan, can’t imagine where I would be without it. I hope it helps for you too.

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