Mind Full

So it’s time for my “mindful meditation”,
On my therapist’s recommendation,
This is supposed to cure my malaise,
So eyes shut, legs crossed, palms upraised,
Focus on just breathing in and out,
That’s what “mindfulness” is all about.

Iiiiin and ouuuut, and ouuuut and iiiin,
I wonder what husband will cook for dinn-
No! Try not to think – keep my mind clear,
Just try to focus on my breathing here,
Iiiiin and ouuuut, and ouuuut and iiiin,
Now, did husband empty mum-in-law’s bin…??

Acknowledge thought, then let it go,
Innn ouutt, innnn ouuut – let it flow,
Like waves crashing on the ocean sand,
Can’t seem to get my thoughts in hand!
I’m hungry / thirsty / bored and tired,
This is just not how my brain is wired…

How to be “mindful” when my mind’s full…?
Achieve a lull against this mental pull…?
I don’t think I am cut out for this,
And so won’t achieve nirvana’s bliss,
Still, the irony’s not lost on me,
That mum-in-law’s mind is quite empty…

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3 thoughts on “Mind Full

  1. Jay says:

    Wow, what a lovely poem 🙂

  2. Before I forget... says:


  3. Your brain sounds like my brain at 3:30 AM when I’m supposed to be asleep! Great poem!

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